PTEN Tool Review - ARI2064B

  PTEN Tool Review  

ACDelco Li-ion 18V Impact Wrench

  The ACDelco Li-ion 18V Impact Wrench, No. ARI2064B, is compact, yet powerful and offers ACDelco's Electronic Torque Control (ETC)-patented technology, coupled with an 18Vchassis. The ARI2064B can be used on underbody or wheel applications. It offers 625 ft/lbs of breakaway, 480 ft/lbs of reverse, and 300 ft/lbs of tightening torque; weighs only 3.63 lbs; and includes two Li-ion batteries with a 30-minute charger and a carrying case  

The Review

Phil Fournier, owner and technician at Phil’s Auto Clinic in Hemet, Calif. tested the ACDelco 1/2” Drive Electric Impact, No. ARI2064B. He thought that, compared to an air-powered impact, this tool was lightweight and very easy to use.

“The relatively small size makes it easier to fit into tighter spaces,” says Fournier. “The light weight of the tool reduces fatigue—always a problem for the auto technician who is continually on his feet and not as young as he once was.”

In addition to the compact and lightweight features of this tool, Fournier appreciated that there wasn’t an air hose to maneuver.

Fournier used this tool primarily for torquing lug nuts on and off, but he said, “Because the ETC (Electronic Torque Control) can be dialed down to 60 ft/lbs of torque, it can be used effectively for more delicate items like brake calipers and water pump bolts.”

To improve this tool, Fournier would add more breakaway power.

He says, “I could not break loose lug nuts on a 3/4-ton pickup, that came loose easily using my air-powered impact.”

Fournier liked the fact that the torque settings can be “dialed in." But he also notes, “It would be nice to have more torque selections for tightening. For example, many pick-up trucks have a spec of 130 ft/lbs torque on the lug nuts. With this tool, I have to select either 110 lbs or 150 lbs.”

On a scale of one to 10, Fournier rates this tool an eight. He compared this tool to an air-powered impact saying, “I really like its light weight and adjustable torque for tightening features. I checked its accuracy using a torque wrench and while I wouldn’t use it to torque head bolts, for lug nuts it is as accurate as a torque stick and easier to use.”


Source from: PTEN magazine




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