2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner - ARI2064B


2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners


Winner: Impact Wrenches – Cordless 18V

ari2064 new panel 114x200 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards   Cordless ToolsAC Delco ARI2064B 18V Impact Wrench w/Digital Clutch

What they say: The idea of tool getting more powerful is to perform the job quicker. If RPM increase, torque (power) can increase at the same time, it would be a perfect situation. However, that is defeating the physical law. As a result, for most tools, RPM is reduced and torque is increased to do the job quicker. When this happens, over torquing and under torquing would exist. By introducing the Electronic Torque Control, the job at hand can be control to eliminate the above function. When control is available, there is no need to design the tool to be more powerful; enough power with control would manage the job more easily and quicker.

What we say: We love it when people talk physics to us! AC Delco has 5 speed/torque presets that max out at 300 foot pounds of fastening torque and 625 foot pounds of breakaway torque. Simply dial in the torque setting that is needed for the job at hand to find that balance of torque and control. Did we mention that it’s also one of the most compact in its class?


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